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LANDMAP - the Welsh landscape baseline

LANDMAP is an all-Wales landscape resource where landscape characteristics, qualities and influences on the landscape are recorded and evaluated

It’s a tool to help sustainable decision-making and natural resource planning at a range of levels from local to national whilst ensuring transparency in decision-making.

What’s included in LANDMAP?

Five, nationally consistent, quality assured spatial datasets:

  • Geological Landscape
  • Landscape Habitats
  • Visual and Sensory
  • Historic Landscape
  • Cultural Landscape


  • Maps and classifies landscapes from the unique perspective of each dataset
  • Describes their key characteristics, qualities and components
  • Evaluates their importance from a national to local scale
  • Recommends locally appropriate management guidelines
  • Identifies significant landscape change through monitoring of the baseline resource

How to access LANDMAP

Use the interactive maps to view maps and surveys. Guidance Note 2 provides step by step instructions.

You can also download LANDMAP maps and surveys to use in a GIS environment from:

Date of current LANDMAP datasets
Geological Landscape   25/10/13
Landscape Habitats      04/02/13
Visual and Sensory      17/10/13
Historic Landscape       18/10/13
Cultural Landscape      20/12/11

Guidance on using LANDMAP

Methodological Guidance Guidance Notes (GN) Data
LANDMAP  Overview GN1 LANDMAP and Special Landscape Areas  
Geological Landscape GN2 Accessing LANDMAP  Information  
Landscape Habitats GN3 LANDMAP and LVIA for onshore windfarms  
Visual and Sensory GN4 LANDMAP and the Cultural Landscape

All Wales statistics.

Statistics by area statement

Historic Landscape GN5 LANDMAP and the Geological Landscape  

Cultural Landscape

Monitoring Landscape Change
Quality Assuring LANDMAP  Information

LANDMAP is used to inform planning, policy, strategies, evidence and advice, such as:

  • development control, forward planning and local development plans
  • supplementary planning guidance, design guidance and sensitivity studies
  • landscape evidence at public inquiries
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments
  • Special Landscape Area designations
  • Natural Resource Planning and Cultural Services
  • National Park and AONB statutory management plans, special qualities and ‘State of’ reports
  • landscape monitoring
  • Local Landscape Character Areas and National Landscape Character Areas
  • Local Seascape Character Areas and National Marine Character Areas


Jill Bullen
Uwch Arbenigwr Tirlun - Senior Landscape Specialist
Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru - Natural Resources Wales
Ffôn/Tel: 0300 065 4706
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